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Disaster Bay Chillies

"In regards to a testimonial, our relationship has must have been quite testing and there must have been quite a lot of moaning going on behind the scenes. I realise I would not be the easiest client to work with and the fact that you have stuck with me really is testimony to your dedication, perseverance, sense of humour and lack of money.

I must say that I have dreaded losing your skills to another place or a another industry, we dealt with many other I.T professionals before our association with you and you were quite simply a breath of fresh air, nothing was too daunting or too difficult and every task we presented was dealt with easily and efficiently.

We are extremely happy with our website, the way it looks, but most importantly the way it operates. We get many comments from our customers praising us for how punchy and user friendly our website and shopping pages are. The website is colourful but professional, informative but uncluttered, it has plenty of depth without bogging customers down in detail and it has made the shopping experience enjoyable and a breeze. Show more.

Websites need to tell the story behind the business, but they also need to drive sales and our does that brilliantly, I can honestly say that I have not been on another website that I think is better and I have not even found features on another website that I think we could utilise to improve ours. The fact that our ideas and needs were listened to carefully during construction of the website meant that it was nailed very quickly and has pretty much stayed nailed over more than a decade with only small changes having to be made to keep pace with the ever changing food industry.

From a personal and professional perspective, it really has been a positive experience, working with your business to establish and maintain our presence on the World Wide Web. I would rate the experience a 9.5 out of 10 and I seriously doubt there is a genuine 10 out there to be found."

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Krav Maga Canberra

"Jo Ravan upgraded my web page from an underperforming poorly managed (by myself) site that was hard to find and simply didn't lead to a lot of leads and very few conversions.

I struggled to operate the site, it's a wordpress site so some stuff was easy but I can't write code and some things aren't so easy to find in there, which lead me to be a bit lazy and disheartened with the whole thing.

Along comes Jo and fixes everything from the SEO (search engine optimisation) to adding paypal solutions for my events and classes, upgrades all of my pages making them all much more functional and most importantly leading to conversions to sales.

We offer an introductory package for newbies to Krav Maga every 6 weeks and my intake went from low 20's to low 40's instantly, it was like wow!

Jo's understanding of web development along with a sound understanding of marketing within social media has increased my turnover by literally 35 to 40 percent in no time at all. Show more.

I'm still using Jo's services on the site from time to time and also for general help with technology (it's not my thing!). We're currently setting up a fully automated Customer Relations Management platform to further increase my turnover and most importantly give me some time to myself instead of being stuck in front of the computer pulling my hair out over simple stuff every spare minute of the day. My life is so much better now, my problems are now someone else's! Thumbs up!!!!

So I can't recommend Jo Ravan enough wether it's for web development or advertising on social media or general tech support, she's 100 percent reliable (does what she says she will do) in a timely manner, keeps me posted every step of the way, explains everything to me in plain English and is very affordable.

All in all, her help has been invaluable to me and if you give her a go I'm sure she will add to your business immeasurably.

Director of Traikmat P/L trading as Krav Maga Canberra
Dave Sargent.

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